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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Speaking of Vitamin-D

by Gwendolyn Robinson, MSN

Now we know... Vitamin-D is effective in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19!

Exercising out in the open has great benefits! It’s where you get fresh air; where you can take 15 minutes to get your daily dose of Vitamin-D GOD’S way; where your stress level will drop naturally; where you will receive the benefits of your body’s own natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety hormones; where you can stand in the grass and discharge from your body the accumulation of cell-damaging frequencies (Microwaves, Utraviolet Waves, Radioactive Waves, Ultrasonic Waves, Electromagnetic Energies), ground yourself and allow your body to synchronize with the natural healing rhythm of the earth from which you were formed!

Outside where the very molecules in the air have a more vibrant, healing charge! Outside where you can look up and look all around and allow your very soul to cry out “OH LORD, MY ELOHIM, MY YHWH, MY GOD!! HOW GREAT THOU ART IN ALL THE EARTH!!”

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